Make It Heavy Apparel comes from a place we all love to hate or should I say our home away from home, better known as the GYM. The catch phrase “Make It Heavy” came about during an intense squat workout at the gym. The workout was so intense, after every rep I yelled, “Make It Heavy” as a form of self-motivation; meaning, add more weights even if the weights were already heavy. We continued to use the phrase “Make It Heavy” not only for squats but for all workouts performed. The entrepreneurial spirit kicked in the following week when I showed up wearing a tank top that said “Make It Heavy”. It was the beginning of Make It Heavy Apparel Lifestyle.

The inspiration behind our apparel comes from within. Having a creative mindset whilst listening to our customers’ needs, keeps us actively creating new pieces. Our form-fitted clothing is printed right here in Springfield, Missouri. Our clothing is designed to fit regular gym goers, athletes of all kinds, business professionals and the everyday person. Everyone has a place here at Make It Heavy Apparel.

When you are blessed with a great physique, it’s only right to wear comfortable form-fitted clothing to showcase what you’re about. Take it from me, the time for big baggy clothing is over. Welcome to the new era of form-fitted clothing brought to you by Make It Heavy Apparel.


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